Power grid tracking

Various power-related data points can be measured through magnetic resonance or through a physical clamp:

  • Power factor

  • Power quality

  • Equipment health and capacity

  • Fault location

  • Transformer and line loading

  • Outage identification



Localized longitudinal data on power consumption can help governments understand and better plan for changing power demands, which may be particularly relevant in developing economies where growth is putting significant upward pressure on power demand. This type of data can also help inform maintenance planning and improve energy efficiency.



Climate data

Climate data can be collected at a granular level for measurements including:

  • Lumens

  • Rainfall

  • Wind speed

  • Humidity

  • Barometric pressure


We can implement a low-cost climate data network to provide accurate, localized, real-time data to authorities on the status of critical climate variables.  The devices that make up this network would provide data at a lower cost than existing HydroMet systems, allowing for better modeling, assessment, and mitigation of risk for populations most affected. This would lead to applications for the data in disaster risk management as well as renewables planning.



Infrastructure data

Potential data collection for infrastructure impact may include:

  • Mapping and surveying

  • Emissions

  • Area photography

  • Independent performance evaluations 


Contract management for public-private partnerships or other performance-based contracting models relies on accurate and timely data on key performance indicators. Measuring, for example, lumens emitted from street lights allows contractors to monitor the performance of their installed luminaires and respond with necessary adjustments to ensure constant service, while also enabling authorities to monitor the performance of street lighting contractors. Authorities could also benefit from better monitoring of public lighting in cases where they are not engaging with the private sector for service provision.